To be or not to be?

Today's entry will be short, due to my lacking of time and rush, but I'd like to send a clear message.

To explain what art is may be hard, but when someone does a great work, it must be praised. That is the main reason why I think videogames can be part of the artistic world. Why, they're creations after all! There are influences, tendencies, schools, styles... There's everything you'd expect from other disciplines of art in them.

By saying videogames are art, I'm dignifying them, I'm making them important in a way. But I'm also saying there must be some effort in creating new games. I'm asking for quality here. Elaborate stories, good graphics, decent music and so on. Programmers earn money from them, but other artists also have to create good stuff to live on.

I've put it in a simple way, but I hope the message is crystal clear to all of you: the more videogames evolve, the more quality we must demmand.