Diary notes: My good ol' friend

Dear diary,

Today I have come to realize my old DS bores me. I can barely remember the last time I bought a game, and I have certainly forgotten when I last run to the shop, my purse full of money and my heart beting fast. I am waiting for Nintendo to mend this awful situation, but my pleas seem to be unanswered. Do I desire for the new console to come.

I have heard this year I will be able to get some nice titles, such as Glory of Heracles and Golden Sun, though I am not sure the Big N will make things right this time. I assume Nintendo will fill the shelves with more casual/infant-gamers games rather than hardcore stuff. Anyway, there is a small chance that we will not be disappointed again.

Ha. Nice try to convince yourself, Closto.

Today I have also realized I have player a huge lot more with my PSP -which I purchased the last summer. I find it quite sad for my owning of a DS is about to reach the fifth year. The double screening was cool at the begining, but it has proved useless for most brilliant games. In fact, the game that has taken most advantage of the inferor sceen is Ouendan, which I had to buy in the United States.

What were the odds for this console to be so chaotic? We were promised a revolution, and we were given an average product based on an original idea. I'm growing tired of Nintendo and its childhood dreams of being friends with everybody. No one can please everybody, not even them. Do they think we will follow them to the end of the world for the merits reached with the NEs; SNES and Game Boy? We want more! We want Nintendo's passion of lore.

I sadly doubt us hardocre gamers will be able to come back to the company's ancient path. However, I guess I do not have other option but to wait for a little longer and hope for good things to happen.